ANGELS tests with the Italian Army Aviation

In late May 2017 PALU has been honoured by the opportunity to test the ANGELS System with the valuable support of the Italian Army Aviation.

We’ve been at Lamezia Terme Italian Army helicopter base, where a group of qualified pilots of 2° reggimento Aviazione dell’Esercito “Sirio” during their own activities performed some flights, in order to test the ANGELS System technical and operational features onboard a military helicopter.

We spent the first day setting up the system and checking the data link with the ANGELS ground station. Tests were performed during the second day, at three different batches: the first one in the afternoon, the second in the evening and the last one by night, in order to experience different visibility conditions. The touch down point was set at “PAPA” area nearby the Lamezia Terme Airport, where the Italian Army visual landing aid system with a glide path indicator was set; the initial approach fix (IAF) was located at 8 miles.

The tests were performed with AB 212 helicopters, each lasting about five/ten minutes; the procedure agreed with the military team consisted in tracking the visual glide path, with the aid of iPad.

The tests showed interesting possible applications of ANGELS in expeditionary helipads for peace keeping operations.

We would like to thank the whole team of the 2° reggimento “Sirio” for their hospitality and the incredible willingness along with their unique professional skills.

Watch the video of our first test!