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Life matters, safety matters.
Economy matters. We all aknowledge that any action leading to diminish the risk of accidents must be promoted.

ANGELS is a situational awareness enhancement designed to improve safety of rotorcrafts. The project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 698530

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The Market

ANGELS addresses the operational requirements of safe approach and landing for helicopters, both onshore (HEMS operations) and offshore. The initial target of the project is the Offshore Market, with a main focus on Windparks.

The Strategy

The main strategy consists of introducing ANGELS in all of these Windparks having an Helideck inside. Further steps will address the Oil&Gas market and Hospitals, for helicopter rescue urgent operations.

Technical Goals

Complete ANGELS system, consisting of a Ground Station on the Helideck that provides the precision lateral and vertical guidance to an helicopter approaching and landing on the Helideck, an App for iPad, Cloud Analytics and Fleet Management System.

Our Team Experience

PALU is leading and coordinating the ANGELS Consortium since the successful funding of our H2020 SME Instrument Phase 1 in December 2014. Our partner BLU Electronic owns the necessary capabilities and resources for the manufacturing of the ANGELS system.



Increasing safety by innovative solutions

ANGELS is a situational awareness enhancement designed to improve safety of rotorcrafts during approach and landing operations. ANGELS makes use of standards and context aware customizable predictive software to dramatically increase the level of safety in Approach & Landing operations.

ANGELS focuses in a very specific scenario: Helicopters Approach & Landing safe operations on helidecks for Wind-parks and Oil&Gas rigs, where poor visibility and high background brilliance (visual guidance systems are not enough), complex glide paths (curve path approaches), high density of obstacles and reduced space are a constant, and where decision makers (platform managers and helicopter transport companies) need affordable instrumental guidance solutions to comply with the safety requirements.

  • ANGELS is a situational awareness enhancement for rotorcrafts. It's innovative, accurate and reliable.


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