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Military Helicopter crashes in Maryland

On monday April 17, a UH-60 Blackhawk military helicopter crashed at Breton Bay Golf Course in Leonardtown, Maryland, during a routine training exercise Monday; one crew member died and two others were injured, according to the US Army Military District of Washington.

The causes of the incident are currently under investigation.

The helicopter came down in a small patch of trees in between two golf holes, according to Kevin Bowen, who works in the club’s pro shop.

One witness, Garrett Bowles, told CNN he thinks the helicopter hit some trees as it went down. Another helicopter was at the scene when it crashed, Bowles told CNN.

Bianca Melton, a second witness, told CNN the helicopter looked like it stalled out before crashing.


Emergency Landing in Bangladesh

Yesterday afternoon, a private helicopter which was carrying six passengers made an emergency landing in Goyeshpur Boardbazar area under Pirijpur union.

The cockpit windshield broke after being hit by a local common bird, called ‘shalik’.

The pilot was Captain Rashed, and was carrying the passengers (including two nationals from Denmark, two from Korea and one from Italy, police said) to Sylhet, in order to attend a programme of Bengal Foundation in Sylhet, said Baskar Debnath Bappy, upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) of Bajitpur

Soon after the incident, the upazila administration and police first informed local security guards (chowkidars) to rush to the spot.

A police team also went to the spot immediately and secured the passengers and the helicopter, the UNO said, who had also been to the spot.

Later, two four-seat helicopters of the Meghna Group from Dhaka flew in and carried the passengers to , said the UNO.



In the last 12 months, the Marine Corps has undergone an alarming series of aircraft crashes, resulting in 14 fatalities and 11 lost aircraft.

Lieutenant General Jon M. Davis explains that inquiries so far reveal that human components have probably been the cause of many of these incidents.

In particular, according to an investigation released in October, the January 14, 2016 big collision of two CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters that resulted in the deaths of the 12 Marines aboard was the result of failure to maintain adequate distance during the night training flight; and it appears that also other accidents of the last months (December 7, Pacific Ocean; December 13, Okinawa) involved aircrafts in good flying condition, so were probably caused by human errors. “They’re still being investigated, but there was nothing wrong with those airplanes, mechanically,” Davis aknowledges.

had made changes to increase pilot flight hours and proficiency.

“We’re about three hours per pilot per month better than we were [in May 2015], but that’s not good enough,” Davis said. “We’re still shy of our target. [But] I was surprised with the mishaps we had in October.”

Behind these failures there’s maybe the increase of pilot flight hours that Marine Corps stated a while back. By the way, Davis ensures that the Corps have improved the supervision for sortie planning and execution, among other changes.